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We are a gold mine of one of a kind, specialty products.

Your one stop shop for unique products that will elevate your life. We believe in quality, and that our products speak for themselves. We thoughtfully source the most valuable foods and make them readily available to you. We care deeply about where our food comes from, how it is made and who is making it. Our brands adhere to traditional methods of production and always have our consumers and the environment in mind. Our job is to make sure you get the good food you need to stay healthy. We are committed to providing you with exceptional products and service. Enjoy our family branded items and find your gold mine of vitality.


Gold Mine – Heirloom and Artisanal, Natural and Organic

Gold Mine Natural Food Co was founded in 1985 by Jean Richardson. What began in a small California gold mining town blossomed into a wide selection of products, best represented by our original Organic raw, hand-crafted sauerkrauts and vegan Kimchi, Non-GMO Organic Masa, and Kelp Noodles, as well as a variety of unique artisanal rice, beans, seeds, and grains.
Gold Mine Products

Ohsawa - The Most Trusted Name in Macrobiotics

The Ohsawa brand consists of authentic macrobiotic products and accessories discovered and promoted by George and Lima Ohsawa, a founder of macrobiotic philosophy. Selected by Ohsawa according to macrobiotic principles, the brand represents not only the key items of macrobiotic concepts but also the quality and process of manufacturing are in keeping with the best, genuine, and most traditional practices possible. The brand logo is a cherry blossom, a symbol of the name Ohsawa.

Enjoy Ohsawa branded products and experience authentic macrobiotic quality.

Ohsawa Products

Story of George and Lima Ohsawa,
and Shuzo Okada, a founder of Muso

George and Lima Ohsawa, A founder of Macrobiotic and the MUSO Principle

George Ohsawa, the founder of the unique “MUSO principle,” devoted his life to promoting Macrobiotic and the “MUSO principle” throughout the world. Many of his students are still actively teaching and promoting the “MUSO principle.”

Shuzo Okada, the founder of MUSO Co, and Japan Macrobiotic Association

George Ohsawa, who was also the teacher of Michio Kushi, Herman Aihara, and others, introduced Shuzo Okada to Macrobiotics in his late 20s. When many of Mr. Ohsawa’s students left Japan to teach Macrobiotics in globe, Mr. Ohsawa encouraged Shuzo to teach Macrobiotics in the Osaka, Japan. In 1953, George Ohsawa and Shuzo Okada established Macrobiotic Association ※ in Osaka.

Lima and Gorge Ohsawa, Shuzo (Right)

※Macrobiotic Association

The center of the MUSO Group is Seishoku Kyokai, the Macrobiotic Association, which sponsors a variety of activities, including lectures, publications (monthly magazine and books), and cooking classes.

Muso From Japan – Artisan, Craftmanship, Authentic Japanese Innovative Foods

Muso, our parent company in Japan, has introduced some of the finest Japanese-made products the world has to offer. By partnering with top Japanese manufactures, Muso has created a line of authentic and innovative products and introduced many new flavors and textures to the American palette, The company and brand were named from a macrobiotic philosophy known as the Muso principles. 12 principles which lead the macrobiotic simple diet and way of living.

Today, Muso branded items are distributed in over 40 countries by the partners who share our mission and vision. Discover the intrigue and craftsmanship of real, artisanal Japanese foods from Japan.

Muso From Japan Products